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Docs outline

Proposed chapters for the docs, who has responsibility for them, and who reviews them. The “unit” doesn’t have to be a full chapter (though in some cases it will be), it may be a chapter or a section in a chapter.

User’s guide unit Author Status Reviewer
plotting 2-D arrays Eric has author Perry ? Darren
colormapping Eric has author ?
quiver plots Eric has author ?
histograms Manuel ? no author Erik Tollerud ?
bar / errorbar ? no author ?
x-y plots ? no author Darren
time series plots ? no author ?
date plots John has author ?
working with data John has author Darren
custom ticking ? no author ?
masked data Eric has author ?
patches ? no author ?
legends ? no author ?
animation John has author ?
collections ? no author ?
text - mathtext Michael accepted John
text - usetex Darren accepted John
text - annotations John submitted ?
fonts et al Michael ? no author Darren
pyplot tut John submitted Eric
configuration Darren submitted ?
win32 install Charlie ? no author Darren
os x install Charlie ? no author ?
linux install Darren has author ?
artist api John submitted ?
event handling John submitted ?
navigation John submitted ?
interactive usage ? no author ?
widgets ? no author ?
ui - gtk ? no author ?
ui - wx ? no author ?
ui - tk ? no author ?
ui - qt Darren has author ?
backend - pdf Jouni ? no author ?
backend - ps Darren has author ?
backend - svg ? no author ?
backend - agg ? no author ?
backend - cairo ? no author ?

Here is the ouline for the dev guide, much less fleshed out

Developer’s guide unit Author Status Reviewer
the renderer John has author Michael ?
the canvas John has author ?
the artist John has author ?
transforms Michael submitted John
documenting mpl Darren submitted John, Eric, Mike?
coding guide John complete Eric
and_much_more ? ? ?

We also have some work to do converting docstrings to ReST for the API Reference. Please be sure to follow the few guidelines described in Formatting. Once it is converted, please include the module in the API documentation and update the status in the table to “converted”. Once docstring conversion is complete and all the modules are available in the docs, we can figure out how best to organize the API Reference and continue from there.

Module Author Status
backend_agg   needs conversion
backend_cairo   needs conversion
backend_cocoa   needs conversion
backend_emf   needs conversion
backend_fltkagg   needs conversion
backend_gdk   needs conversion
backend_gtk   needs conversion
backend_gtkagg   needs conversion
backend_gtkcairo   needs conversion
backend_mixed   needs conversion
backend_pdf   needs conversion
backend_ps Darren needs conversion
backend_qt Darren needs conversion
backend_qtagg Darren needs conversion
backend_qt4 Darren needs conversion
backend_qt4agg Darren needs conversion
backend_svg   needs conversion
backend_template   needs conversion
backend_tkagg   needs conversion
backend_wx   needs conversion
backend_wxagg   needs conversion
backends/tkagg   needs conversion
config/checkdep Darren needs conversion
config/cutils Darren needs conversion
config/mplconfig Darren needs conversion
config/mpltraits Darren needs conversion
config/rcparams Darren needs conversion
config/rcsetup Darren needs conversion
config/tconfig Darren needs conversion
config/verbose Darren needs conversion
projections/__init__ Mike converted
projections/geo Mike converted (not included–experimental)
projections/polar Mike converted
afm   converted
artist   converted
axes   converted
axis   converted
backend_bases   converted
cbook   converted
cm   converted
collections   converted
colorbar   converted
colors   converted
contour   needs conversion
dates Darren needs conversion
dviread Darren needs conversion
figure Darren needs conversion
finance Darren needs conversion
font_manager Mike converted
fontconfig_pattern Mike converted
image   needs conversion
legend   needs conversion
lines Mike & ??? converted
mathtext Mike converted
mlab John/Mike converted
mpl   N/A
patches Mike converted
path Mike converted
pylab   N/A
pyplot   converted
quiver   needs conversion
rcsetup   needs conversion
scale Mike converted
table   needs conversion
texmanager Darren needs conversion
text Mike converted
ticker John converted
transforms Mike converted
type1font   needs conversion
units   needs conversion
widgets   needs conversion

And we might want to do a similar table for the FAQ, but that may also be overkill...

If you agree to author a unit, remove the question mark by your name (or add your name if there is no candidate), and change the status to “has author”. Once you have completed draft and checked it in, you can change the status to “submitted” and try to find a reviewer if you don’t have one. The reviewer should read your chapter, test it for correctness (eg try your examples) and change the status to “complete” when done.

You are free to lift and convert as much material from the web site or the existing latex user’s guide as you see fit. The more the better.

The UI chapters should give an example or two of using mpl with your GUI and any relevant info, such as version, installation, config, etc... The backend chapters should cover backend specific configuration (eg PS only options), what features are missing, etc...

Please feel free to add units, volunteer to review or author a chapter, etc...

It is probably easiest to be an editor. Once you have signed up to be an editor, if you have an author pester the author for a submission every so often. If you don’t have an author, find one, and then pester them! Your only two responsibilities are getting your author to produce and checking their work, so don’t be shy. You do not need to be an expert in the subject you are editing – you should know something about it and be willing to read, test, give feedback and pester!

Reviewer notes

If you want to make notes for the authorwhen you have reviewed a submission, you can put them here. As the author cleans them up or addresses them, they should be removed.

mathtext user’s guide– reviewed by JDH

This looks good (see Writing mathematical expressions) – there are a few minor things to close the book on this chapter:

  1. The main thing to wrap this up is getting the mathtext module

    ported over to rest and included in the API so the links from the user’s guide tutorial work.

    • There’s nothing in the mathtext module that I really consider a “public” API (i.e. that would be useful to people just doing plots). If were to be documented, I would put it in the developer’s docs. Maybe I should just take the link in the user’s guide out. - MGD
  2. This section might also benefit from a little more detail on the customizations that are possible (eg an example fleshing out the rc options a little bit). Admittedly, this is pretty clear from readin ghte rc file, but it might be helpful to a newbie.

    • The only rcParam that is currently useful is mathtext.fontset, which is documented here. The others only apply when mathtext.fontset == ‘custom’, which I’d like to declare “unsupported”. It’s really hard to get a good set of math fonts working that way, though it might be useful in a bind when someone has to use a specific wacky font for mathtext and only needs basics, like sub/superscripts. - MGD
  3. There is still a TODO in the file to include a complete list of symbols

    • Done. It’s pretty extensive, thanks to STIX... - MGD